The Superdarts Story

Superdarts- When you love the game!!

Superdarts started its journey in 2007 when as a player, Per Anisdahl searched in vein for the perfect dart. This then lead him to start designing darts and with that idea he began to make some prototypes for testing, the feedback was all positive therefore SUPERDARTS was born.

In 2008 Superdarts released two types of darts, one being a plain barrel and the other having lots of grip, over 500 sets were made and sold. But unfortunately due to financial and commitment constraints Superdarts was put in the “cupboard” for 10 years, however in January 2018 it was time to dust off the old drawing board and bring Superdarts back to life!!!
Now, many new models and accessories have been launched, with more to come, we hope you find something to suit your requirements.

For all Superdarts are developed with passion and dedication for the people/players involved in the great sport of darts.

Superdarts – when you love the game!

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